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Post  XI VoIIcEs IX on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:10 am

1\ Games must be 6 minutes a half
2\ No live season is allowed and it must be a custom match for the modifed teams to be able to work correctly
3\ No putting the opponent off, however friendly chat is allowed
4\ No harrassment or bad language to any of the fellow managers while playing
5\ Match reports must include: Scoreline, Goalscorers, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Minor Injuries, Extra Info
6\ If connection is bad between managers then please inform an Admin for further instructions.
7\ No backing out during a game unless for an urgent reason
8\ If a player loses connection the game will resume and the remaining time be played keeping the same score as the first disconnected game
9\ No players can be played if they are not on your squad roster
10\ DO NOT SEND MATCH REPORTS TO XI VoIIcEs IX. Your matches will not count if you do so


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